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K1 Mountain Chalet with beauty area

Enjoy soothing massages and beauty treatments with high quality natural cosmetics from the South Tyrolean company, Art of Care.

Striking a balance between nature and humans is at the core of our natural line of cosmetic products. The holistic combination of natural active ingredients in our products and their relationship to each person’s individual skin type leads to innovative skin care.
Our specialist staff will be happy to advise you and help you decide which products are most suitable for your skin. Choose from a variety of soothing, moisturising, cleansing or anti-aging treatments.


Signature treatments

K1 mountain alpine treatment

Strength for everyday life. Exfoliation with special linen gloves frees the skin from dead skin cells, increases blood circulation and makes connective tissues more absorbent.
The wooden stick massage stimulates reflex points on the back and thus increases vitality and strengthens the immune system. During the mask treatment, the high-quality ingredients from spruce, mountain pine and larch release their effects.

80 Min.
109,00 Euro

K1 mountain relax treatment

Gentle massaging movements release the warm herbal tones of lemon balm, yarrow, marigold, nettle, lavender and rosemary. This treatment has a detoxifying and nourishing effect on the skin. Feel relaxed and balanced on a journey through magical scented worlds.

50 Min.
85,00 Euro


Classic massages

Classic full-body massage
50 min.
71.00 Euro
Classical partial massage (back or legs)
25 min.
41.00 Euro
Head, neck and facial massage
25 min.
41.00 Euro
Lymphatic stimulation massage (has an immune-strengthening, relaxing and purifying effect)
50 min.
71.00 Euro

Kids massage (4-12 years old)

Children are gently and carefully massaged. They learn to relax, can concentrate better and are more attentive. Chocolate oil nourishes the skin and is the ideal massage oil for children.

25 Min.
41,00 Euro

Special massages

Sports massage

This massage is recommended after a hike in the mountains and after any sporting activity. The joint application of massage, stretching and cupping techniques loosens the muscles and relieves tension. The warm sports ointment and herbal alpine oils optimally support muscle regeneration.

50 Min.
79,00 Euro

Back ceremony

An intensive treatment to soothe a stressed back. The muscles on the back are heated with "hot rollers" after Kneipp therapy. This relaxes them and the tensions can be relieved even better during the massage. The thermal mountain moor mud helps to regenerate the back, releases blockages and relaxes the muscles. The short facial massage included in the treatment promises pure relaxation.

50 Min.
79,00 Euro

Hot stone

Deeply relaxing touches of warm basalt stones effectively remove muscle tension and bring body, mind and soul back into harmony.

50 Min.
76,00 Euro

Pine wood massage

Feel nature directly on your body, this massage with special sticks of Swiss pine wood will be a unique experience. This massage technique loosens and relaxes the muscles. The power of different conifers strengthens the respiratory tract and the immune system. A wander through South Tyrolean forests.

50 Min.
79,00 Euro

Aromatic oil massage

A massage with high quality aromatic essences for relaxation, revitalisation, or harmonisation of body, mind and soul. Choose a personal fragrance from different essential oils to enhance your comfort.

50 Min.
79,00 Euro

Honey massage

The power of honey unleashes its effect directly on the back. Connective tissue adhesions are a common cause of back problems. Due to this special massage technique, the honey deeply penetrates into the connective tissue, dissolving the adhesions and ensuring that any toxins are released. During the whole body massage with honey oil you will experience a particularly invigorating relaxation.

50 Min.
79,00 Euro


This treatment promises true relief of cellulite symptoms through the special combination of cupping therapy, connective tissue massage and the high-quality plant extracts of ivy, Centella Asiatica and naturally obtained brown algae. A special anti-cellulite lotion rounds off the treatment.

50 min.
79.00 Euro
25 min.
48.00 Euro


Traditional alpine hay scrub

Ground mountain meadow hay cleans pores, relaxes and gives a bright complexion.

25 Min.
41,00 Euro

Mountain salt scrub

Mountain salt frees the skin from dead skin cells and provides minerals and trace elements at the same time. An effective classic.

25 Min.
41,00 Euro

Body wraps

Ceremony of the four elements created by Art of Care

  • Water = Drink tea to prepare the body for the ceremony
  • Fire = Body wrap
  • Earth = Massage
  • Air = Rest in the relaxation room to support regeneration

The pleasant warming sensation during the wrap opens the pores of the skin to allow the natural active ingredients to penetrate more easily, the massage is then adapted to your needs to complete this treatment.

Athletes and hikers body wrap

This alpine wrap based on arnica, larch and spruce, relaxes stressed muscles, giving them new freshness and vitality.

Moisturising body wrap

This wrap made of evening primrose oil, currant seed oil and apple moisturises and nourishes dry skin.

Anti-stress body wrap

The relaxing essential oils of orange and lavender bring body, mind and soul into harmony.

Anti-cellulite body wrap

Thanks to the active complex of algae, ivy and centella asiatica, this wrap stimulates the metabolism, increases blood circulation, removes toxins and tones the tissue.

Wrap and partial massage
50 min.
Wrap and full body massage
80 min.
Nature The ideal position at the foot of the Plan de Corones, directly on the ski slopes, hiking and MTB trails, offers not only a comfortable arrival, but also the best conditions for an exclusive sporty holiday.
Exquisite The varied and healthy breakfast offer leaves nothing to be desired: different types of bread, freshly baked croissants, various egg dishes and much more await you.
Soothing Whether it is an intense massage, a skin renewing peeling or a radiant manicure, the cosmetic treatments at the K1 Mountain Chalet will improve your general well-being.
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